The Board is the corporate ‘person’ which holds copyright on behalf of the Conference and its subsidiary bodies because copyright is to be held either by an individual person or a corporate legal person. It will be noted that all publications such as the CPD, the Minutes of Conference and Singing the Faith and the works held in the Art Collection, to give but a few examples, name TMCP as the holder of the copyright.

However, under a Declaration of Trust of 2005 all management responsibilities relating to these publications and their copyright were declared to be in the hands of the Methodist Council leaving the Board to be the mere holder. Under that Declaration the Council delegates to others the power to grant permissions to use copyright material and to set any fees in respect of such use. Any fees paid to the Board for the use of copyright material are held to be used as directed by the Council.

For any enquiries regarding permission to use copyright material, please contact Liz Millard at Methodist Church House.