In view of the current position and Government guidance regarding COVID-19, TMCP has put measures in place to allow for remote working for the team. This will ensure compliance with Government directives, will minimise exposure to direct personal contact and protect the team and their families while allowing us to continue working.

We would ask that Managing Trustees and their instructed professionals ensure (wherever possible) that all correspondence, engrossment documents and schedules are sent via email rather than the post in the first instance. Scanned copies of signed application schedules are acceptable. The reason for this is with staff members working remotely, or in the event of the office needing to be closed, it will be more efficient to manage incoming correspondence via email and to arrange for sealing which will help to minimise the disruption caused to our normal working pattern and to Managing Trustees. Please see this News Hub article for further information.

During this period of remote working, staff will have access to our core IT systems and will continue to be contactable by telephone using the direct telephone numbers included at the foot of emails received from us. If you have any queries for our Finance or Legal sections, it would assist us greatly if these can be submitted by email or via our contact form and our staff will respond by email or telephone as soon as they are able, normally within one working day.

We will of course provide further updates as necessary and a ‘FAQ’ page is available in the resources linked to this page to address any common questions we are getting about how to deal with the current challenges presented by this pandemic. We will publish further information on anything that may impact you directly in due course. Please refer to the News Hub  for any further announcements and sign up on the News Hub page for email alerts if you have not already done so.

Re-opening church buildings for pre-schools

In accordance with Government guidelines Managing Trustees across the Connexion are considering whether to re-open part of their church building to allow early learning provision (usually pre-schools) run by either third parties or Local Churches to re-open from 1 June 2020.
Before allowing part of the building to re-open, Managing Trustees need to consider the Connexional Team’s Early Years Covid-19 Advice and follow the procedures and steps outlined including completing the Re-Opening a Building Checklist (pdf) and carrying out a full risk assessment using the Connexional Team’s template; Covid-19 Risk Assessment (docx). Managing Trustees must conduct a risk assessment before re-opening church buildings.


Please also refer to TMCP’s updated COVID-19 FAQs (see new FAQ 3 which deals with re-opening pre-schools specifically) and refer to the Managing Trustees’ Responsibilities Re-Opening Pre-schools table for a summary of Managing Trustees’ responsibilities depending on whether the pre-school is run as a Church project or by a third party under a lease or licence.

COVID-19 Guidance

The following resources are available on the TMCP website to assist Managing Trustees dealing with property matters relating to COVID-19:

*  Where a document is marked with a star, it is available on the password protected part of TMCP's website for the exclusive use of Methodist Managing Trustees. Managing Trustees who do not already have the password, please contact TMCP.


Useful links:

Guidance from the Methodist Church Connexional Team: - General information - Coronavirus guidance specifically relating to property
Connexional Team’s Early Years Covid-19 Advice – for advice on re-opening buildings for pre-schools.
Re-Opening a Building Checklist (pdf) - Procedures and steps to be followed before re-opening church buildings
Covid-19 Risk Assessment (docx) – A template risk assessment produced by the Connexional Team, based on the HSE template.

Government links:

World Health Organisation information:

NHS information and guidance:


If Managing Trustees have any specific queries then please contact TMCP  for further assistance