One of the most important initial steps for Managing Trustees to take to help them comply with the requirements under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is to carry out a review of the personal information (data) relating to individuals that they collect and use. Step 2 of the 9 Steps for Methodist Managing Trustees to Take Now to Comply with GDPR (9 Steps) provides more detailed information for Managing Trustees to consider. The easiest way to record the information collected during the review is to complete the Data Mapping Form for Managing Trustees. This has been produced by the Data Protection Working Party (Working Party) to assist Managing Trustees to set out what personal data they hold, where they get it from and how they use it, i.e. to carry out a data mapping exercise.

The Working Party has now completed its data mapping exercise using a representative sample of managing trustee bodies and the results are being collated and will be presented to Managing Trustees shortly.

The information collected by Managing Trustees directly, as well as that obtained through the data mapping exercise completed by the Working Party, will also help Managing Trustees to complete the information required to adapt the model Privacy Policy.  This policy is required under data protection legislation and communicates certain information to individuals about the collection and use of their personal information by Managing Trustees. Please refer to Step 3 of the 9 Steps for further information pending more detailed guidance and the model policy itself.

The information collated through the data mapping exercise will also be used to identify where specific guidance is required for Sharing and other Ecumenical arrangements. Please use the final column of the Data Mapping Form for Managing Trustees to highlight any sharing partners as indicated on the form.

Please select whether you wish to download the form as a Word or pdf file. If you download in Word you will be able to type in the information required to help you carry out the audit.

Please also refer to the Non-Exhaustive List of Examples  to help you to complete the Data Mapping Form for Managing Trustees. This list is based on the results of the Working Party’s data mapping exercise.

If Managing Trustees have any queries then please contact TMCP ( for further assistance regarding general data protection matters and the Conference Office for queries specifically relating to safeguarding or complaints and discipline matters (