"Our Mission is to serve the Methodist Church"

Our Mission

...is to support and strengthen the Methodist Church, both by providing practical support to Managing Trustees and by working closely and effectively with our colleagues in the Methodist Connexional Team.
We aim at all times to:

  • Work within an ethical and Christian framework.
  • Act with integrity and patience.
  • Listen carefully and communicate clearly.
  • Value and nurture the talents of those within the organisation.
  • Through guidance and training we shall continue to assist managing trustees as much as we can.  We are here to provide a service and to ensure that all processes with which we are involved are clearly outlined.

Our Vision

  • To continue to fulfil our principle duty to act as custodian trustee of all properties held on model trusts of the Methodist Church Act 1976 and to show how this provides a meaningful and necessary role in the life of the Church and help it achieve its mission.   
  • To provide a comprehensive role as the corporate body of the Church.
  • To continue with our specific areas of specialism such as sharing agreements, trusts, data protection & burial grounds.
  • To ensure that the TMCP team are utilised in any appropriate area where they can bring a quantifiable benefit and avoid duplication in costs across the church, while still maintaining a clarity and clear understanding of their role within the Connexion.