Use the Managing Trustees’ Data Personal Breach Record to keep a record of all Personal Data Breaches.

A “Personal Data Breach” is any act or omission that compromises the security, confidentiality, integrity or availability of personal information (Personal Data) or the physical, technical, administrative or organisational safeguards that we as a Church have put in place to protect it. The loss, or unauthorised access, disclosure (sharing) or acquisition, of Personal Data is a Personal Data Breach e.g. emailing Personal Data to the wrong person, leaving Personal Data in a public place where others can access it or losing a laptop or USB stick.

If you know or suspect that a Personal Data Breach has occurred, immediately contact the Appropriate Controller (see Who are the Data Controllers and where to get help?) as directed by the Data Breach Policy so that they can help you to investigate the matter and take appropriate steps in line with that policy and any accompanying guidelines and procedures. The Appropriate Controller will notify the individuals concerned or any applicable regulator where there is a legal requirement to do so.

Please preserve all evidence relating to the potential Personal Data Breach using this template.

Please select whether you wish to download the template record as a Word or pdf file. If you download in Word you will be able to type in the information required to help you to keep your record.

If Managing Trustees have any queries then please contact TMCP ( for further assistance regarding general data protection matters and the Conference Office for queries specifically relating to safeguarding or complaints and discipline matters (