Property, Mission Projects & Staffing Support

  1. Property projects should be on the Consents website and have at least church and circuit approval – displaying that the work fits local, Circuit and District mission strategies.
  2. Grants should generally match fund – taking equal responsibility alongside Circuits and Districts.
  3. In emergencies – for unusual and unexpected eventualities (e.g. graveyards and car parks or health, safety or security crises) – application should have Circuit as well as local approval and have a reason why no funding from the Circuit or District is available.
  4. Ministry Grants must be proposed by the District and prioritised by them.
  5. All grants will normally be time limited to ensure these are not continuous.
  6. For property projects, 75% of the funding will need to be confirmed before any grant agreed is released.

Pastoral Support / Education & Training

  1. Supported by Minister with pastoral oversight or District Chair
  2. Expect that the financial and pastoral need is established by those supporting the application.
  3. As funds are limited, the Board will show discretion at the suitability of the application.
  4. All grants will normally be time limited to ensure these are not continuous.

Causes that we will not fund

  1. Applications that come from persons or groups that are outside the authority of Methodist Conference. (Q5).
  2. Applications where there are local reserves which are not being used.
  3. Requests that are not supported by a local Minister, Chair of District or Connexional Officer.

Refund of Unused Grants and Returnable Grants

There is an expectation that any grants not used for the purpose agreed will be returned except in exceptional circumstances.  Major property grants may be returnable in the event of the property being sold in the future.

These protocols should be read in conjunction with the criteria for discretionary grants.