Please also see the information in this News Hub Article on Year-End Statements and the Trust Information System


Statements for trusts held with TMCP are now accessed via the online Trust Information System  (TIS). The TIS was introduced by TMCP in July 2014 to give Managing Trustees easy access to statements, balances and other information regarding the trust funds  held with TMCP. Information in the TIS is currently updated on a monthly basis, so users can see balances and transactions up to the end of the previous calendar month.

If you require access to the TIS, please contact your Superintendent Minister in the first instance as they have the permissions to add further circuit or church users to the system. If they have any problem adding you, please contact TMCP  for further assistance.

If you have any queries when using the TIS, there is a ‘Help’ link on each page (look for the question mark button) which will take you to the relevant guidance page, which can also be found in the ‘Resources’ section of this page.

A guide to your annual statement can be downloaded here.