COVID-19 and Residential Conveyancing Transactions

1st Apr 2020 | Property Updates

TMCP would like to draw Managing Trustees attention to the new guidance available on residential conveyancing transactions during the COVID-19 crisis. The Government has issued guidance for the public and industry in relation to home buying and this has prompted the Law Society to follow suit and provide guidance for Solicitors.

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As we enter these unprecedented times, please be careful to ensure that data protection does not take a back seat when it comes to changing our working practices and dealing with data protection issues in general. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) have released a useful list of FAQ’s many of which will apply to Managing Trustees.

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New COVID-19 FAQ Available

20th Mar 2020 | News and Events

New COVID-19 frequently asked questions (FAQs) are now available from the COVID-19 page of TMCP’s website and explore general practical issues that face Managing Trustees given the impact of COVID-19.

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17th Mar 2020 | News and Events

Due to the current status regarding Covid-19 in the UK TMCP are requesting that Managing Trustees and their instructed professionals ensure (wherever possible) that correspondence is sent to our office via email rather than post.

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Contingency arrangements for Covid-19

10th Mar 2020 | News and Events

TMCP has started to put preparations in place to allow for the possibility of a building lockdown relating to Covid-19. This could arise as a result of a number of instances including the need to self-isolate or that the Government decide to prevent travel and people may be instructed to remain in their immediate locations.

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Helpful advice regarding JCT Contracts

25th Feb 2020 | Property Updates

JCT (Joint Contracts Tribunal) contracts facilitate the process of delivering a building project. They can be used in projects from the repairs to a church roof to a large scale redevelopment of church premises. In simple terms they set out the responsibilities of all the parties within the process and their obligations to each other.

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New First Legal Steps on a Property Project Chart

31st Jan 2020 | Property Updates

A new resource; 'First Legal Steps on a Property Project Chart' is now available on TMCP's website. This can be used as a tool to help Managing Trustees who are starting a property project to identify potential legal issues early in the whole process so that they can be taken into account and built into the project plans.

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