Wayleave Agreements

5th Sep 2017 | Property Updates

Managing Trustees may find themselves approached by service providers, e.g. telecoms, utilities or fibre broadband companies that wish to install pipe, cable or communication apparatus under, over or on Church land. If the Managing Trustees are wi...

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GDPR Information for Church Directories

5th Sep 2017 | Technical Updates

TMCP have produced a short form of wording which can be printed on the front of Church/Circuit/District Directories (‘the Directories’) to alert people of the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR’) which will...

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New Panel Solicitors for Managing Trustees

18th Aug 2017 | News and Events

The Trustees for Methodist Church Purposes and the Connexional Team have been putting together a tender document to send out to a number of law firms that have either worked with local Methodist Churches, Circuits and Districts or that have relevant...

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We are approaching the time of year when the Methodist Church is preparing for the new Connexional year and many Managing Trustees are starting to collect data for inclusion in their member’s directories; whether that is for a local church, cir...

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Lease and Licence Distinction for Managing Trustees

8th Aug 2017 | Property Updates

Lease or Licence? The difference between a lease and a licence is that a lease is an interest in land granting the right to exclusive possession of land for a determinable period of time whereas a licence is simply a personal right granting permis...

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Treasurer Update and Bank Details Update forms

8th Aug 2017 | Money Updates

If the Treasurer or bank details need updating for a Church, Circuit or District, please contact TMCP Finance either by email or by telephone (0161 235 6770) and we will send you the relevant forms to complete in either Word or pdf format, by email o...

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The Discretionary Grant Forms are now available to download in Word and pdf format from the “Grants” page (which is found within the “Money” area of TMCP’s website). To download the forms go to the “Grants&rdquo...

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