Matter Management - Update from TMCP

3rd Oct 2023 | Technical Updates

Further to our recent article regarding the introduction of a new Matter Management System (MMS) at TMCP we are contacting you to let you know the system is live with the TMCP staff having undertaken in-depth training.

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Important Update from TMCP

26th Sep 2023 | News and Events

Over the last few years TMCP, together with external consultants, has been developing a new Matter Management System (MMS). As a result of the time and resources that have been invested, the project is now nearing its conclusion and the core functionality of the MMS will be implemented by the end of September 2023 with training take place for the whole TMCP Team over 2nd and 3rd October 2023.

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Charities Act 2022 – Permanent Endowments

23rd Jun 2023 | Money Updates

TMCP is now in the process of updating the guidance on permanent endowments, which will be made available on the TMCP website shortly.

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Newsflash: Reforms to Charities Act 2011

23rd Jun 2023 | Property Updates

The anticipated second tranche of reforms to the Charities Act 2011 (brought in by the Charities Act 2022) came into force on the 14th June 2023. TMCP are currently updating our guidance to Managing Trustees.

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Data Protection Annual Checklist 2023

19th May 2023 | Technical Updates

Further to our article of 10th February 2023 which reminded you of the deadline for the Data Protection Annual Returns, we are now approaching that deadline of 31st May 2023 for submission to your Districts.

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Church Mergers and Amalgamations Guidance

16th May 2023 | Technical Updates

The Legal & Constitutional Practice Team have asked TMCP to remind Managing Trustees about the new guidance on mergers and acquisitions under Standing Orders 605A and 942 published on the Methodist Church Website in February 2023.

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Replacement Project Status to a project can be beneficial to Managing Trustees who wish to use the proceeds from the disposition of Methodist property to fund another project (“Replacement Project”). A common example of a Replacement Project is when one manse is to be sold to fund the purchase of another manse elsewhere in the Circuit.

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