This Check-In One Checklist (Checklist) has been prepared for Managing Trustees who are following the Streamlining Process for sales. If you are unsure whether your sale can follow this process, please refer to the Streamlining page on TMCP’s website or contact TMCP Legal.

The Checklist which you can download in Word below, sets out the information and documents we would like you to provide to us. The Checklist should be completed and sent to TMCP with the documents referred to before your Check-In-One meeting with TMCP so that we can go through these with you at Check-In One.

Before you start to complete the Checklist, please refer to the Check-In One Checklist Focus Note with its integrated guidance on the streamlining process, what to do with the Checklist and where to go for assistance.

Please use the link below to download the Checklist in Word. You can then complete the Checklist and email this to together with the documents referred to.

Please contact TMCP Legal if you have any queries in relation to use of this Checklist or would like guidance on the streamlining process.