This Panel Solicitor ID Questionnaire (ID Questionnaire) has been prepared for Managing Trustees who are following the streamlining process for sales (Streamlining Process) or who are instructing one of the firms on the Methodist Panel of solicitors (Panel Firm) generally.

You will use this ID Questionnaire when you first formally instruct a Panel Firm to act for you in a transaction.

In relation to the Streamlining Process, the ID Questionnaire should be completed and submitted to the Panel Firm with the ID documentation referred to either:

  • when the sale reaches Stage 3 of the Process (Offer Accepted) and you are ready to instruct your chosen Panel Firm to start Stage 4 of the Streamlining Process (Conveyancing);

  • after Check-In One if it is decided that the Managing Trustees need to obtain initial advice from their chosen Panel Firm at this point.

If you are unsure whether it is the right time to complete the ID Questionnaire please contact TMCP Legal or the legal officer/case worker at TMCP dealing with your transaction direct.

Important to note:

Before using this Questionnaire, please ensure that you have already spoken to TMCP Legal and we have indicated that this is an appropriate time to instruct a Panel Firm. (On a sale this could be at Check-In One if TMCP Legal recommend instructing a Panel Firm to advise on an issue or at Stage 3 of the Streamlining Process – “Offer Accepted”.)

TMCP will provide you with a link to this ID Questionnaire when corresponding with you

The Panel Firm you have instructed needs to know certain information about you as their clients to fulfil the money laundering and identity checks that all solicitors must satisfy before accepting an individual or organisation as a client. The ID Questionnaire which you can download in Word below, should streamline the process of providing the necessary ID documentation to the Panel Firm and enable the Panel Firm to accept your instructions without delay.

If the Managing Trustee body is already a client of your chosen Panel Firm and they have already carried out ID checks for you and your fellow trustees on this transaction or a previous legal matter then please double check with them whether they have everything they need or if they would like you to complete and submit the ID Questionnaire to them at this stage.


Please use the link below to download the ID Questionnaire in Word. Complete the ID Questionnaire and submit this with the ID documentation required to your chosen Panel Firm at the stage in the Streamlining Process when TMCP has confirmed you should proceed to instruct a Panel Firm. Please do not send any ID documents to TMCP.

Please contact TMCP Legal if you have any queries in relation to use of this ID Questionnaire or would like guidance on the Streamlining Process generally.