This Streamlining Process Summary Flowchart (Summary Flowchart) provides an “at-a-glance” guide to the Streamlining Process that has been developed by TMCP to reduce the time on simple property sales. If you are unsure whether your sale can follow this Streamlining Process, please refer to the Streamlining page on TMCP’s website or contact TMCP Legal.

The Summary Flowchart outlines:

  • The six stages that we have broken a simple sales transaction into; (1) The key information gathering "Pre-marketing" stage; (2) Marketing; (3) Offer Accepted; (4) The time critical Conveyancing process when TMCP will rely on the expertise of your chosen panel solicitor; (5) Exchange of contracts; and (6) Completion.
  • The key steps Managing Trustees will take at each of the six stages (see blue arrows and central column of the Summary Flowchart)
  • The involvement of and actions taken by TMCP (see purple arrows on left hand side of the Summary Flowchart).
  • The involvement of your professional advisers (see yellow arrows on right hand side of the Summary Flowchart).
  • The proposed processes and tools intended to assist you with your property transactions and improve efficiency (see purple asterisks).

The new process includes the two “check-ins" the first of which will take place at stage 1 before surveyor is instructed and the second once a buyer is found, immediately after the qualified surveyor has produced the best price and adequate marketing certificate.

Please use the link below to download the Summary Flowchart as a PDF file.


Please contact TMCP Legal if you have any queries in relation to use of this Summary Flowchart or would like guidance on the streamlining process.