The Board was incorporated by the Methodist Church Act 1939.

The Board of Trustees consists of 16 members, with equal numbers of ministers and lay persons who are drawn from all walks of life, to maintain a balance of skills in discharging trustee duties. Board members are appointed by the Methodist Conference on the nomination of the Board which seeks to maintain a balance of appropriate professional expertise, Methodist experience and Connexional representation.

The Board is accountable to the whole Methodist Church through its governing body, the Conference, which adopts its annual report. The Report To Conference is principally an account of the Board's general activities, an overall account of funds held, nominations for the appointment of new members of the Board and the full signed audited accounts of its Administration Fund.

The Board meets three times a year and is served by four committees:- an Executive Committee, an Audit and Risk Committee, and Investment Committee and a Grants Committee. All committees are drawn from the Board and Management.

Details of Board members can be found on the Meet the Team page.

Executive Committee:

  • Revd Dr Keith Davies
  • Revd Jenny Impey
  • Mr Ian White
  • Mr Ralph Dransfield

Audit and Risk Committee:

  • Mr John Jefferson (Chair)
  • Ms Alethea Siow

Grants Committee:

  • Revd Dr Keith Davies
  • Mr Ian White
  • Mrs Anne Goodman
  • Mrs Janet Street

Investment Committee:

  • Dr Ian Harrison
  • Mrs Anne Goodman
  • Mrs Janet Street

Message from the Chair

I am about to begin my second year as Chair of TMCP. In my previous ministry I have served as a Circuit minister, College tutor and Chair of the Manchester and Stockport District. Each phase of ministry has required a range of skills and as I reflect now as a Supernumerary minister, I realise how important working as part of a team has been for me. I now find myself working with a very different kind of team i.e. the Board and the staff of TMCP and I want to pay tribute to them. The Board is made up of very gifted and experienced people who bring a range of professional and personal skills to their role of oversight and the setting strategic direction for TMCP. The staff are incredibly dedicated and passionate about what they do. I am constantly impressed by how much extra they give to their work and how supportive they are to Managing Trustees.

The Church is facing huge challenges at the moment as we seek to be faithful to the Gospel, responsive to human need and open to the renewing power of the Spirit. God has blessed us in making us stewards of his gifts – his gift of creation, his gift in humanity, the gift of material blessings and the gift of the Gospel – all realised ultimately in the gift of his Son. It is a real challenge to know how to be faithful, especially when tough decisions have to be made about the use of some of those gifts, not least our material possessions both as individuals and as a Church.

One of our “charitable” purposes as a Church is the “the advancement of the Christian faith”. I am impressed by how many Churches are trying to be faithful and creative in the use of their physical resources, especially our Church buildings. We all know that we need to be more imaginative and creative but our buildings can so often feel like a millstone around our necks. At the same time, we have to operate under Charity Law and this can so often seem to be limiting missional creativity. Managing Trustees have the primary legal responsibility for stewardship of property and finance and TMCP as Custodian Trustee will aim to be as supportive as possible. Obviously there are restrictions under Charity Law and the Methodist Church Act but TMCP will offer guidance as to how projects can be furthered most effectively. Note, we offer guidance not professional advice – that should be sought from local professionals.

We live in very challenging and uncertain times but we have confidence in God’s vision and purpose, made known in the Gospel and fully realised in Christ – a vision that we name as the Kingdom of God. We all share in the objective of making that Kingdom real and present, not least through our faithful stewardship.

Keith Davies