The Board was incorporated by the Methodist Church Act 1939.

The Board of Trustees consists of up to 16 members, with equal numbers of ministers and lay persons who are drawn from all walks of life, to maintain a balance of skills in discharging trustee duties. Board members are appointed by the Methodist Conference on the nomination of the Board which seeks to maintain a balance of appropriate professional expertise, Methodist experience and Connexional representation.

The Board is accountable to the whole Methodist Church through its governing body, the Conference, which adopts its annual report. The Report To Conference is principally an account of the Board's general activities, an overall account of funds held, nominations for the appointment of new members of the Board and the full signed audited accounts of its Administration Fund.

The Board meets three times a year and is served by four committees:- an Executive Committee, an Audit and Risk Committee, and Investment Committee and a Grants Committee. All committees are drawn from the Board and Management.

Details of Board members can be found on the Meet the Team page.

Executive Committee:

  • Mr Ian White (Chair)
  • Mr John Jefferson
  • Revd Philip Wagstaff
  • Mr David James
  • Revd Paul Davis

Audit and Risk Committee:

  • Mr John Jefferson (Chair)
  • Revd Rosemarie Clarke
  • Mr David James

Grants Committee:

  • Revd Paul Davis (Chair)
  • Revd Rodney Hill
  • Revd Philip Wagstaff
  • Mrs Anne Goodman
  • Ms Nicola Sivori

Investment Committee:

  • Mr David James (Chair)
  • Mr Gerry Davis
  • Mrs Anne Goodman
  • Ms Nicola Sivori

Introduction from the Chair

In recent years the Methodist Church has become much more intentional about Mission and Evangelism which will shape and inform the Church’s priorities across the Connexion for the foreseeable future. TMCP will play its part in this as we work with the Church to ensure that resources are focused in the right directions.  It is the dual imperatives of mission and stewardship which are at the heart of the work of TMCP.  While TMCP works within the limits set out in our foundation documents we want to work across the Connexion in helping to release local resources for mission for Churches, Districts and the Connexional team.

There are a number of different facets to our work at TMCP, but a key part is guiding the Church through the potential  pitfalls of Charity Law and  Methodist Trustee requirements. In doing this our aim is to guide local churches so that they can engage more  fully, and safely, in resourcing mission and ministry which is central for all of us.

To help achieve the priorities of the Connexion, then Partnership is key. TMCP have been working with many partners across the Connexion over the years and we will build on this aspect of our work in the future.

At present our strategic partnerships are with:

  1. Managing Trustees in Churches, Circuits and Districts, both directly and through District Property Secretaries, whose work is essential to the Methodist Church and who are a vital link between circuits and TMCP
  2. Those involved in the requirements of Data Protection under GDPR, through District Champions and others appointed locally. Members of staff at TMCP have been essential  in giving essential guidance on data protection legislation which has been widely appreciated across the Connexion.
  3. The Methodist Church connexionally, through developing strong relationships, seeking to find ever more ways of integrating our work with that of the Connexional Team.

We constantly look for new ways for in which the Board can carry out its responsibilities and have been delighted that in recent years we have welcomed a significant number of new Board Members who are already actively involved in our work at Board and subcommittee levels.

We are fortunate to have a talented and experienced Chief Executive, managers and staff team, who demonstrate expertise in legal work, property and finance and who are committed to meeting the needs of the wider Church and facilitating positive and creative change in challenging times. Staff retention has been very high for a number of years and this has enabled us to offer strong understanding of what Managing Trustees want to achieve as well as providing continuity in support and guidance across the wider Church. While affirming the positive work that is carried out, every organisation is capable of learning and where there are lessons to be learned we will constantly review how we might work better in the future.

Recently, significant changes have been implemented to maintain workflows in the time of the Covid 19 pandemic. We have sought ways to meet met these challenges positively, as we will meet any future challenges. The partnerships within the staff team and between the staff and Board is essential in all of this as we continue to hold each other to account and to encourage each other in the work that we share. TMCP has a particular role within the Methodist Church but we are always seeking ways of supporting the life of the local church in its mission and ministry.  

As the new Chair of the Board, I bring almost 35 years prior experience as a Solicitor, with much experience of senior management of a large regional law firm and also in the Law Society of England and Wales. This experience is coupled with a wide knowledge of Methodism at every level from Local Church to Methodist Council which will be helpful in facing the challenges and bringing opportunities for the future. The Board too is made up of practitioners in many different areas of the life of the Church who bring their wider experience to the work of TMCP.

I am committed to ensuring that as an organisation we meet the dual aims of facilitating Mission and helping the Church in properly stewarding its resources so that we can engage in mission and ministry together.

While recognising that there is much that needs to be done, we at TMCP we are confident that as we seek new ways of positively engaging with the Church, the Church will continue to find new ways of positively engaging with us.

All best wishes

Ian White