Panel Solicitors

Information on the firms that have been appointed to the first panel of solicitors for the Methodist Church.

Anthony Collins

Information on the services of Anthony Collins

Blake Morgan

Information on the services of Blake Morgan


Information on the services of HCR Law


Information on the services of Sintons


Information and guidance on the streamlining process to be followed when Managing Trustees instruct one of the firms on the Methodist Panel of Solicitors to assist them with a property transaction


Information and guidance on selling Methodist property


Information and guidance on purchasing a new property to be placed on the Model Trusts

Scottish Property

Information and guidance relating to property transactions in Scotland

Developments and Works

Guidance on undertaking work and developments involving Methodist property.

Letting Property and Third Party Use

Information and guidance for Managing Trustees on third party use of Methodist Property, whether in the long or short term, including on the basis of a booking form, licence agreement, non-residential lease or residential tenancy


Information and guidance on regular part-time, non-exclusive use of Methodist property by third parties on the basis of a licence and how to use the Standard Licence

Granting a Non-Residential Lease to a Third Party

Information and guidance on granting a non-residential lease of Methodist property

Residential Tenancies

Guidance on the use of Residential Tenancies including Assured Shorthold Tenancies (AST's) for letting out residential property.


Information and guidance on litigation involving the Methodist Church.

Taking a Lease from a Third Party

Information and guidance to be considered where the Methodist Church takes a residential tenancy or non-residential lease from a third party, that is, where the Methodist Church will be a tenant

Methodist Property Consents Website

Guidance and links to information regarding the Methodist property consents management system (Consents Website) and TMCP's involvement in the process


Guidance on legislation that impacts on the management of Model Trust property, including the Methodist Church Act 1976, Charities Act 2011, Localism Act 2011 and Housing (Wales) Act 2014