Investing your Methodist money ethically and successfully

TMCP works through the agency of the Central Finance Board (CFB) of the Methodist Church. CFB was established by The Methodist Church Funds Act, 1960 to provide pooled investment vehicles for the exclusive use of Methodist organisations. We have a close working relationship and we value the support and service which they give. Please read the following statement from Bill Seddon, Chief Executive of CFB:


“Our funds allow Methodist trustee bodies the flexibility to make appropriate asset allocation decisions. The best known of our funds is the £350 million Deposit Fund which has almost 7,000 accounts and through which the TMCP Trustee Investment Fund is invested. These funds are designed to pay above average interest rates coupled with administrative simplicity. However, interest rates move up and down and if a church or trust needs more certainty over the level of investment income perhaps one of our fixed interest funds would be more appropriate for some of their assets. Alternatively, if the income is being used to pay a salary for example, it may be more important for the income to grow than to maximize the initial sum. This might indicate that an equity investment would be suitable. Similarly, if it is important to maintain the purchasing power of the asset, our equity, property or index-linked funds could be considered. Local trustees knows their own local circumstances best, but if additional help is needed to make assets work harder, they can contact us through our client Relationship Manager, Christophe Borysiewicz (Email: Tel: 020 7496 3600.).

To help us live up to our pledge that to the best of our ability the securities held in our portfolios are in line with the ethical policy of the Methodist Church, the Methodist Conference established the Joint Advisory Committee on the Ethics of Investment (JACEI). The role of JACEI is to advise the CFB on ethical matters relating to investment. The work of JACEI would not be possible without close co-operation between the CFB team and our colleagues from the Joint Public Issues Team. They help us to be aware of and understand the issues that are of most concern to the Methodist Church and assist us in adopting an appropriate response. JACEI has eleven members, five each appointed by the Methodist Council and the CFB plus an independent chair also appointed by the Methodist Council.

If you have any concerns about issues relating to ethics and investment, we would encourage you to contact the Chair, Stephen Wigley (email: or the CFB direct."

Bill Seddon
Chief Executive
Central Finance Board of the Methodist Church

For more information about their investment products, performance and ethical policies please see their website. Please note TMCP are not legally allowed to give investment advice.


  • The TMCP Board has an Ethical Investing Policy, adopted on 19th May 2004.  This policy applies to those Funds and Trusts for which the Board has a managing trustee responsibility -  commonly called the 'full' or 'discretionary' Trusts.
  • Where the TMCP Board exercises a custodian trustee role only, the Ethical Investing Policy is in the hands of the appropriate managing  trustees and the Board as custodian has no power to do other than accept the lawfully made instructions of the managing trustees. 
  • For all funds which are invested via CFB, as stated above, securities held are in line with the ethical policy of the Methodist Church (JACEI).