TMCP Discretionary Grants

An Introduction to Discretionary Grants

The Board is full Trustee of a small number of trusts where it has discretion over the use of income and, in some cases the capital, and is responsible for the investment of the funds.  For a number of the trusts, the purposes for which grants may be made are specified in the trust documents, and for others the Board is able to make grants for any Methodist charitable purpose.

Grants are administered by TMCP's Grants Committee, made up of two of our Board members and key staff. Applications are only considered at the meetings of the Committee which normally meets three times a year. The next meeting for consideration of applications is in November 2022 [date tbc]. Applications should be submitted at least 4 weeks before the meeting to give us time to process the request and circulate papers to the committee.

The criteria and protocols for discretionary grants made by TMCP are contained in the guidance notes listed on the right.

Grants Available


Property Projects Pastoral Support
Staffing Support Education and Training

How to submit your application

Once completed and endorsed by the relevant parties, applications should be sent to TMCP at Central Buildings, Oldham Street, Manchester M1 1JQ.  If you have any queries regarding the application form or grants, please contact our Finance Section.

The funds at the disposal of TMCP are for specific purposes which have been summarised above. There are other Methodist benevolent funds available which are outlined on the Methodist Church website. Applicants are assured that TMCP and other responsible bodies co-operate in the appropriate allocation of funds to ensure that needs are met wherever possible.

Connexional Grants

Grants for property projects and for ministry and mission projects are also available from the Connexional Grants Office in London. Please see their web pages for further information.

Landfill, Lottery and Historic England Grants

TMCP may be asked to enter directly into Funding Agreements in respect of Landfill Grants, Lottery Grants and Heritage Grants.

Landfill Grants

TMCP are registered with ENTRUST, who are the regulator of the Landfill Communities Fund, as an Environmental Body which enables Churches to receive grants from Landfill Operators without having to register as an Environmental Body in their own right.

Landfill grants are available from the Landfill Communities Fund, in qualifying locations, and are given by a number of Landfill Operators.  Landfill operators include, Biffa, Cory, Veolia, Sita Trust and Virador.

The Connexional Grants Officer can assist the Managing Trustees in applying for Landfill Grants.  The Connexional Grants Officer can be contacted at:

If your Church is applying for a Landfill Grant that involves TMCP click here for the flowchart summarising the steps of TMCP’s involvement.

Lottery Funding – Big Lottery Fund

Some Churches seek funding from the National Lottery’s Big Lottery Fund.

Big Lottery will on occasion want TMCP to be a party to the Funding Agreement as TMCP is the legal owner of the Church property.  Big Lottery may decide that they wish to put a charge on the property to secure the grant monies.  It is usually a condition of the grant that if the Church closes in a defined number of years the grant monies, or a percentage of them, have to be repaid.

If your Church is applying for a Big Lottery Grant click here for the  flowchart summarising the steps of TMCP’s involvement.

Historic England Grants

Some Churches which are listed buildings may qualify for a repair grant from Historic England.  Historic England may want TMCP, as legal owner of the building to enter into the Funding Agreement.

If your Church is applying for a Historic England Grant click here for the  flowchart summarising the steps of TMCP’s involvement.