The last 8 months have been unprecedented and have thrown up new challenges.  As we learn to adapt to a 'new normal’ way of life, we need to remind ourselves that somethings do not change.

We have seen the two year anniversary of the GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018 and although our main focus has been to ensure our premises remain a safe place for our members and users and navigating new recording systems of who is using our premises, we mustn’t forget our data protection responsibilities. As Christmas approaches and we move into the New Year, we are letting you know that a new Data Protection Annual Checklist has been developed to help Managing Trustees across the Connexion check that they are on top of their data protection responsibilities.

It is important that every Local Church, Circuit and District works through the Checklist on an annual basis, completes it and then provide a copy to their District Data Champion.  If there isn’t a District Data Champion, then please provide a copy of your annual checklist to your District Chair. TMCP will be asking Districts to provide a list confirming that all Local Churches and Circuits have completed the annual checklist by 31st May each year.  Managing Trustees should contact their District Data Champion in the first instance if they have any queries on the matters that need to be addressed under the Checklist.

All completed Checklists should be signed and dated by the Managing Trustees before the same are forwarded to the District Data Champion or, in the absence of a District Data Champion, to the District Chair; the first checklists will need to be completed by 31st May 2021.

Data Protection is important, and we rely on our Local Churches and Circuits, in conjunction with the District, to help us in demonstrating that we, as a Church, have complied with the accountability principle and other data protection responsibilities.

If anyone in your District would like to discuss further what the role of being a Data Champion entails then please contact us on: