TMCP is often contacted by Managing Trustees in relation to concerns or queries in relation to car parking arrangements.

TMCP is in the process of producing some website guidance on some of the common questions we are asked by Managing Trustees when they are approached by third parties wanting to use Methodist car parks. In the meantime, Managing Trustees may wish to review our pre-existing guidance as a starting point:

  • Car Parking Headaches – this property update covers steps which Managing Trustees can take in order to prevent unauthorized use of church car parking spaces.

Also, TMCP Legal has produced a precedent form of car parking licence, which can be used in certain circumstances and already takes into account the Methodist considerations. This car parking licence, if used without any amendments, has the deemed approval of the Connexional Team under Standing Order 931(3).  Please note that any variations to the standard car parking licence or use of an alternative licence would need to be approved by TMCP.

If the Managing Trustees require a copy of this car parking licence, we welcome them to get in touch with TMCP Legal so that we may provide the template along with some additional guidance which may assist in your specific situation.


If you have any queries concerning the guidance in this document, please contact TMCP Legal for further assistance.