The Connexional Team have produced the following guidance relating to the submission of Annual Returns to the Charity Commission:

All registered charities are required to provide an annual return to the Charity Commission and keep their registered details up to date.


Failing to do so would be in breach of charity law and damaging for the reputation of an individual charity and any wider association.


The Charity Commission has recently issued guidance reminding charities of their obligations and stating that the Commission intends to get tough with those who have repeatedly failed to fulfil these:


Accordingly, please can we ask that everyone who is a registered charity takes heed of the Charity Commission’s advice and ensures that they are submitting their annual returns promptly.


Please note that if you are currently struggling to sign-off and complete your annual accounts or charity return due to coronavirus restrictions and the inability to hold physical meetings, there is currently a facility to apply for a 6-month deadline extension. To apply for an extension, please email the Commission at


Further guidance on charity law and registration requirements is available from the Legal & Constitutional Practice Team at