TMCP have produced a short form of wording which can be printed on the front of Church/Circuit/District Directories (‘the Directories’) to alert people of the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR’) which will come into force in May 2018 and of the implications this will have on people giving consent to their details being included in the Directories.

As an additional method of publicising the GDPR, TMCP have made the following paragraph available to Churches, Circuits and Districts so that it may be used more widely for informing people of these important changes:-

‘On the 25th May 2018, the new General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR’) will come into force.  Its aim is to bring the current data protection legislation into the modern digital era as well as harmonise the various data protection laws of member states within the European Union.

One of the changes introduced by GDPR surrounds consent, where by the time the next [circuit] directory is produced, it will be necessary to obtain written consent from individuals to their personal data being included in the directory.

TMCP have produced an article on their website which provides more information: Please keep referring to the TMCP website as more help and guidance will be added before the introduction of the GDPR.

Further guidance will be added to the TMCP website to ensure that Managing Trustees are prepared for the introduction of GDPR. As Managing Trustees get to grips with the implications of GDPR TMCP are beginning to receive a steady flow of questions.  In the near future TMCP will collate all these questions and produce a Frequently Asked Questions section on the website. This will enable Managing Trustees to see at a glance the most commonly asked questions from across the Connexion on data protection issues.  If Managing Trustees have any queries or concerns regarding GDPR or data protection in general then please forward these to TMCP Legal.


Please note that this document is to provide guidance and assistance to Managing Trustees and their professional advisers. This guidance note is general in nature, may not reflect all recent legal developments and may not apply to the specific facts and circumstances of any particular matter. Also note that nothing within the documents and guidance notes provided by TMCP nor any receipt or use of such information, should be construed or relied on as advertising or soliciting to provide any legal services. Nor does it create any solicitor-client relationship or provide any legal representation, advice or opinion whatsoever on behalf of TMCP or its employees. Accordingly, neither TMCP nor its employees accept any responsibility for use of this document or action taken as a result of information provided in it. Please remember that Managing Trustees need to take advice that is specific to the situation at hand. This document is not legal advice and is no substitute for such advice from Managing Trustees' own legal advisers.