The Licence and Booking Form templates for use of premises for Christian worship under Model Trust 14(2A) have been approved by the Connexional Team and are now available on TMCP’s website together with accompanying guidance.

Do other Christian churches or congregations use your premises for worship? Has a Christian church or congregation asked whether they can use your premises for worship on a one-off or a regular but part-time basis?

Methodist Model Trust Property can be used by other Christian churches or congregations for worship separately to the Methodist congregation under Model Trust 14(2A), Model Trust 14(1) and Standing Order 920. However, there are steps to be taken including obtaining the consent of the Methodist Council and preparing the agreements documenting use before another Christian church or congregation will be permitted to use the premises for worship under Model Trust 14(2A). The new documents and accompanying guidance aim to help Managing Trustees to comply with these requirements.

If you are considering a new request for use by another Christian church or congregation or are entering into a new agreement with an existing third party Christian church or congregation, please refer to the Schedule 14a Flow Chart and Process Chart. This explains the underlying requirements to be met including ensuring that use will be under a licence (non-exclusive) as opposed to a lease and the process that needs to be followed.

What is a Schedule 14a? Who do you submit it to? What other steps need to be taken? The Schedule 14a Flow Chart and Process Chart is designed to answer these questions and more, taking you step by step through the process.

The availability of the new specific licence and booking form templates means that if you use the documents as drawn, without amendments, you do not need to ask TMCP to approve them under Standing Order 931(3). However, you do need to ensure that the required consent on behalf of the Methodist Council is in place before use under the licence starts. This is sought by completing and submitting a Schedule 14a to the Connexional Ecumenical Officer.

You can access the new resources from the Licences and Third Party Use pages or use the links below:

If Managing Trustees would like any further guidance on the processes involved or the standard documents please contact TMCP Legal. If Managing Trustees would like guidance on the statement of beliefs or the Schedule 14a please contact the Connexional Ecumenical Officer.




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