TMCP introduced a new process (Streamlining Process) on 1 September 2021 to reduce the time that is spent on simple property sale transactions where one of the Methodist panel solicitor firms (‘the Panel’) are instructed by Managing Trustees. Since the introduction of the Streamlining Process we have been listening to feedback from Managing Trustees, the Panel and the TMCP Legal team. As a result of the feedback received, we have made some changes to the Check-In One Checklist (Checklist) which will result in a slight re-focus of the Check-In One meeting. 

Please access the updated Check-In One Checklist and accompanying Check-In One Checklist Focus Note on the Streamlining Page of the TMCP website. 

The updated Checklist is intended to help Managing Trustees recognise what issues to tell us about at the Check-In One meeting and to further streamline the Check-In One process. The Checklist is now in three parts: Section A (documents to provide to us), section B (questions on the proposed sale for you to complete) and section C (questions to consider before the meeting and complete if you wish). The Annexes have been removed with the questions in Annex B now included in section C of the main Checklist. 

The questions in section C, with additional guidance and examples now included, are intended to help Managing Trustees consider the wider legal implications that may impact on a property sale and identify issues that will then form the focus of the Check-In One meeting. We will provide you with a completed version of the Checklist after the meeting – including any additional points or clarifications following our discussions at the meeting. 

The Check-In One Checklist Focus Note has also been updated to provide guidance on the revised Checklist, explain what to do if you feel there is no need to have a Check-In Meeting and clarify the purpose of the Connexional Property Strategy question. We have also removed the contents of the Checklist from the Focus Note which we understand some Managing Trustees found confusing. 

For general guidance on the Streamlining Process and access to the accompanying resources, please refer to the Streamlining Page. This is a one-stop shop for Managing Trustees with access to all the guidance and resources outlining how to follow the Streamlining Process, the checklists and questionnaires, and access to the training provided before the launch last year. 

The aim of the Streamlining Process is to help Managing Trustees deal with their sale transactions as efficiently as possible and is increasingly being used in a hybrid form for more complex transactions. To help us to ensure that the resources are as helpful and useful as possible, please continue to let us have your feedback so that we can all work together and ensure that the Streamlining Process works for everybody.  

If you have any queries in relation to the guidance in this document please contact TMCP Legal for further assistance.