The Web Applications Team at Methodist Church House would like to draw Managing Trustees’ attention to the following updates to the Help & Guidance pages on the Property Consents Website:

The Help & Guidance pages for the consents site have been revised and updated and can be accessed here:


The Guide now consists of the following main sections:

  • Basic Principles, which explains how to use the site;
  • Roles & Responsibilities, which shows the differences between user levels and permissions;
  • User Profiles & Permissions, which enables new users to get started;
  • Project Types, which goes through each tab that needs to be completed depending on the project type (such as sale or purchase);
  • Creating Projects, which is especially useful for those who are new to the site;
  • Progressing Projects, which helps users to see how to reach the next stage of a project;
  • Funding & Payments, which lists the fund types and various funding sources, including replacement projects;
  • Reporting & Alerts, which clarifies when alerts are sent and how to create and print reports;
  • Properties, which deals with the property section of the consents site;
  • Listed Buildings & Conservation Areas, which refers to legal requirements and procedures.

The Frequently Asked Questions have also been updated and recently raised queries have been incorporated, such as why a sale or lease project requires a cost to be entered, why some funding sources do not appear on the Payments tab, or how to upload documents.

For further information, questions and feedback please contact