The Developments and Works page is now available on TMCP’s website. Please click here for practical guidance on issues that Managing Trustees will want to consider before commencing any works from installing new windows and modern kitchen facilities to sales of part of a church site involving a re-development of the land/buildings retained, or complete demolitions and rebuilds.

The information provided on the Developments and Works page is there to assist Managing Trustees and their professional advisers. It explains the requirements of Methodist law, policy and best practice together with the obligations under both property and charity law with which Managing Trustees must comply when undertaking works and developments.

Whether works are minor or major in terms of size and complexity, risks, budgets and timescales involved, there are common themes dictating how the works need to be conducted. The premises and funds being used are all “charity property”. This means that Managing Trustees as charity trustees have a duty to act with prudence and ensure that the charity’s assets are put to the best possible use.