The Trustees for Methodist Church Purposes and the Connexional Team have been putting together a tender document to send out to a number of law firms that have either worked with local Methodist Churches, Circuits and Districts or that have relevant experience in dealing with Charities covering a wide range of legal issues, such as employment, Governance and Property law. The aim is to establishing a panel of solicitors who will work with the Methodist Church for the benefit of all managing trustee bodies.

The new panel of solicitors will be fully briefed on the requirements of Standing Orders, Model Trusts and the Custodian Trustee. The aim of the panel of solicitors will be to improve the efficiency of legal transactions, ensure appropriate advice is provided, minimize delays, develop a working relationship with TMCP and ideally reduce the overall legal costs incurred by Managing Trustees. This should be achieved through gaining an overall understanding of Methodism and its uniqueness, the use of economies of scale and precedent legal documentation/clauses approved by TMCP in advance.

Should you know of a law firm that you think should be considered please let Jennifer Kwakye, the Connexional Procurement Manager know by 24 August 2017. Jennifer can be contacted at

To ensure that the process is transparent, fair and open to all the law firms that wish to be considered if you are contacted by a law firm who has received the tender documentation, please direct all questions to Jennifer rather than seek to address the same yourselves.

TMCP and the Connexional Team