As you will all be aware the annual Methodist Conference starts on 27th June 2019. We are sure that many of you will either be attending the Conference, listening to or watching the live feed, or keeping up to date with what is happening on social media.

Representatives from TMCP and the Panel of Solicitors will be in attendance at the Conference this year. We will be located at stand 19 in the exhibition hall and will be available to answer any legal questions you may have for TMCP or the Panel. For those people who are not attending the Conference and have a legal question they would like to ask, then please liaise with your Conference representatives who may be willing to speak to the Panel on your behalf and get the advice you need.

Having representatives from the Panel of Solicitors at the Conference is a great opportunity for you to speak with them in person and find out how they may be able to assist you in the future with projects that you have be considering locally.

As you know, TMCP and the Connexional Team invested considerable time in appointing the Panel to ensure that it was made up of firms whose staff are approachable and understand the law that applies to Charities and the work they undertake. Each of the Panel Firms also had extensive training with TMCP from the outset. The training is ongoing and TMCP regularly monitors the progress and performance of the firms on the Panel.

We are already seeing a positive impact where Managing Trustees’ instruct firms on the Panel. We have also received excellent feedback from Managing Trustees about how transactions have run more smoothly and have been completed quicker due to the relationship the Panel has with TMCP.

If you have not used the Panel of Solicitors to date please take this opportunity to meet the representatives from the Panel at the Conference. Please also have a look at the updated Panel Promotional Booklet which is available to download on the TMCP website.

The Panel Promotional booklet gives general background information on the Panel, as well as details of the legal services the Panel provide and specific information on each of the firms, where they are located, and who to contact.

We look forward to seeing you at the Conference.