Following the workshop “Methodist Property: how to streamline transactions and improve efficiency” which took place on Thursday 4th February 2021, the PowerPoint presentation slides and a recording of the presentation are now available. If you were unable to attend the event hosted by Capsticks, one of the Methodist panel solicitor firms, you will find the slides and recording helpful to find out more about TMCP’s proposals to streamline transactions and improve efficiency, hopefully saving both time and costs.

  • Please click here to access the recording of the event on Thursday 4th February 2021.
  • Please click here to access the PowerPoint presentation slides.

In developing the new ways of working TMCP has tried to identify who needs to know what and when to make a transaction run as smoothly as possible.

The slides break down a simple sale transaction into six stages; (1) Pre-marketing; (2) Marketing; (3) When a buyer is found; (4) The Conveyancing process; (5) Exchange of contracts; and (6) Completion. The introduction of these procedural stages aims to “front load" transactions to discover any issues and deal with them early and in the most economical way.

The slides also highlight the proposed processes and tools intended to assist you with your property transactions, improve efficiency and give increased cost certainty. These include “check-ins" early in the process so that you can obtain support and initial guidance from TMCP to get your transaction on the right track, template documents and help in providing the information your surveyor and panel solicitors need. Please note that the proposals are still under development and the templates and instruction letters will be ready when the new ways of working are launched.

After the presentation the attendees split into break out groups to discuss and provide feedback on the proposals.  We are really grateful for the input from Managing Trustees on the day. As the proposed new ways of working are still under consultation and review, we would also welcome your ideas on the initial proposals that were presented at the workshop. All feedback will be taken into account as the new ways of working are developed and considered further with the panel solicitors and our colleagues in the Connexional Team.

If you have any queries in relation to the guidance in this document please contact TMCP Legal for further assistance.