We would like to take this opportunity to announce the launch of the new streamlining process which has been introduced by TMCP to reduce the time that is spent on simple property sale transactions where one of the Methodist panel solicitor firms (panel firm) are being instructed by Managing Trustees. This new streamlining process is being rolled out from 1st September 2021.

The key things to remember

Whenever  you are involved in any future property sales, please contact TMCP before you:-

  • Commission a QSR (Qualified Surveyor’s Report)
  • Put the property on the market
  • Enter into any negotiations for sale
  • Instruct your solicitor
  • Log a project

This is so we can assist you and apply the new streamlining process from the very beginning. By proceeding in this way we can help you  address common issues that can affect or delay transactions before solicitors are instructed or a buyer is found. This will ensure that the transaction runs as smoothly and as efficiently as possible.
If you are already using  a panel firm and are part way through a transaction, then it may be possible for you to start to follow a hybrid  version of the new streamlining process at the stage you have reached.

Please contact TMCP Legal in all cases so that we can consider your transaction with you.

New Ways of Working Process

TMCP has broken a simple sale transaction into six stages and tried to identify who needs to know what and at what stage, in order to make a transaction run as smoothly as possible. The six stages are: (1) The key information gathering "Pre-marketing" stage; (2) Marketing; (3) Offer Accepted; (4) The time critical Conveyancing process when TMCP will rely on the expertise of your chosen panel solicitor; (5) Exchange of contracts; and (6) Completion.

Please refer to the Summary Flow Chart which provides an at a glance guide showing the six stages of the new process, the key steps for Managing Trustees to take and when and how TMCP and your professional advisors will assist throughout the process. Please also refer to the accompanying guidance.

The new process includes the two “check-ins" which are conversations between the Managing Trustees and TMCP - the first of which should take place before your surveyor is instructed and the second as soon as a buyer/tenant is found. These “check-ins” aim to help you provide all the information your surveyor and panel solicitor needs in order to advise you on your transaction and to identify and deal with any issues there may be at a much earlier stage of the transaction.

Training Session

To help familiarise Managing Trustees with the new streamlining process we have arranged training sessions for the following three dates and times. They will last 45 minutes per session and we will be able to go through the process and what is involved in detail with you:

  1. Tuesday 12th October 2021 – 1pm
  2. Wednesday 27th October 2021 – 11am
  3. Wednesday 3rd November 2021 – 11am

We hope Managing Trustees take the opportunity to attend one of the above events. . The sessions aim to be practical and will focus on the specific steps that Managing Trustees will take and the tools that have been developed  to use as part of the streamlining process. There will also be a chance  to ask questions.

In order to attend the event we would ask that you please contact us via the TMCP contact us page confirming the following:

  1. Name
  2. Role as Managing Trustee
  3. District / Circuit in which you are based
  4. Your email address

Please select the option “Legal” on the contact us form to ensure your RSVP is directed to the correct department.

We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you at the training session.