The Web Applications Team at Methodist Church House would like to draw Managing Trustees’ attention to their autumn updates to the Property Consents Website:

“The Web Applications team at Methodist Church House have successfully implemented the autumn update to the consents site and are currently working on the associated guidance. Here are the updates:

  • Removal of lease confirmation date.
  • Ability to update certain fields after Connexional approval.
  • Streamlined replacement project process
    • In addition to Alteration/Repair and Purchase projects, the following activity types can now be requested as replacements: New Build, Extension, External Works.
  • Additional email alerts, such as surveyors report checked, authorised payment requests, and newly created property.
  • Visibility of who created and last updated a project.
  • Automatically marking projects older than 10 years as “Expired”.
  • Additional filter to find projects labelled as “Expired”.
  • Improved reporting for District Property Secretaries and Circuit users.
  • Buttons ‘greyed out’ instead of hidden to make technical support easier.

In addition to that, there is now a red ONLINE PORTAL home button in the top left corner, which is visible at all times. This button takes you to the welcome page where you can access other sections of the Online Suite. Please note that the Methodist logo in the top left corner of the entire Online Suite, including Consents, has the same function.

The RETURN TO HOMEPAGE button, which appears once you access a project, has been renamed RETURN TO PROJECT LIST to avoid confusion."

Any questions or feedback may be sent directly to