A message from TMCP's Chief Executive, Anne Goodman, welcoming readers to the News Hub section and to the first notification email sent to subscibers on 6th June 2017:

"I am very excited to announce the inaugural pages of our News Hub. As you have signed up for these updates you will now receive regular emails alerting you to any additions to this section. You will find these pages located on News Hub within the TMCP website.

The articles included will identify relevant changes in legislation, outlining any important implications for you and your advisers. We will also advise of updates on the contents of the website itself, signposting to new features, such as the downloadable standard documents and forms section which we are rolling out at this time. The team and I hope that you find the contents very helpful and that they will give you some support and assistance when you perform your crucial roles for The Methodist Church.

It would help us greatly if you could do two things for me in return. My first request would be to ask you to encourage all those within your churches, circuits and districts who would benefit in any way at all to sign up to receive these email alerts as soon as possible (the sign-up option is at the foot of our home page or on the News Hub page). My second request would be that you provide feedback to us on what articles and guidance you would wish us to include in the future.

I am proud of the work performed by the team here at TMCP at getting to this point but we will need your support and input to continue to develop the Website further and to ensure it becomes a valued and well used resource.

Mrs Anne Goodman
Chief Executive"