Further to our recent article regarding the introduction of a new Matter Management System (MMS) at TMCP we are contacting you to let you know the system is live with the TMCP staff having undertaken in-depth training.

Over the coming months we will be introducing some changes to the way we work and these will be introduced in stages so that Managing Trustees and their professional advisers have time to adapt. The changes are designed to assist in Managing Trustees in how they deal with TMCP and improve our communications, efficiency and also assist the team through the integration of the different processes and procedures they have to adhere to.

We will also be implementing streamlining for purchases and leases in a similar way to the system introduced a few years ago for sales. There will be training and guidance for Managing Trustees as well as the Panel of Solicitors.

The first of these changes is the introduction of the use of ‘tags’ which need to be included in the subject line of all ongoing matter communications with TMCP. These tags, e.g. [TMCP-M-00123], will be automatically added to our outgoing emails by the MMS and will enable any responses to be automatically filed to the correct matter file.

Quite often, in the past, emails have come into TMCP containing very little information for the staff to identify a transaction or enquiry. Correctly identifying whether the matter is ongoing or new, what circuit it relates to and who is dealing with it takes considerable time and resource internally which in turn takes time away from responding to the query. The new automatic tagging allows matters to be identified quickly and immediately the email is allocated and filed to the correct matter and legal officer.

To that end can you please ensure that any tags provided are included in the subject line of your replies to TMCP and are not modified or altered in any way. Managing Trustees should also make a note of the tag and pass this on (including the square brackets) to their professional advisers to ensure communication and responses from TMCP are promptly forthcoming.

We appreciate that this is a change but it will ensure that we can identify and deal with enquiries in a much more efficient way and help us to help you complete transactions as swiftly as possible.