The Template Fair Processing Statement is now available for Managing Trustees and can be downloaded here.

The Managing Trustees’ Privacy Notice (Privacy Notice) contains all the information the current data protection laws state must be given to individuals about how you use their personal information. This has been available since 23rd May 2018. The data protection working party (Working Party) notified those involved in data protection about this via the Districts and Superintendent Ministers as well as TMCP's website and the News Hub notification emails. However, how do you let people know about your privacy information – the Privacy Notice?

The article New - Privacy Notice for Managing Trustees explains how Managing Trustees let those whose personal information they hold know about the Privacy Notice and where to access it. Managing Trustees can tell people about the Privacy Notice in many different ways from a specific email regarding privacy, to standard wording used in your Local Church, Circuit or District email footer or hardcopy forms, to information given over the telephone or face to face. The process of how you tell people about privacy is not the important part, the key thing is to make it clear that their privacy is protected. The wording in the Template Fair Processing Statement should give you some ideas of how to communicate the information and draw people’s attention to the Privacy Notice.

Access the Template Fair Processing Statement and use this to help you continue to tell people where to find the privacy information you need to provide under GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018.


If you have any questions please contact on general data protection issues or for queries specifically relating to safeguarding or complaints and discipline matters. We are reviewing the enquiries received and will continue to add to the existing frequently asked questions so that everybody can benefit from the practical points that you have raised with us.