Sintons LLP, one of the firms on the Methodist Church’s Panel of Solicitors, has recorded a podcast on the potential risk of liability that may face Managing Trustees when they are looking at reopening their church buildings during the lockdown and continuing COVID-19 crisis. TMCP recommends that all Managing Trustees find the time to listen to the podcast which gives a brief overview on Managing Trustees duty of care to visitors and their responsibilities for occupiers and as employers.

Before reopening church buildings, Managing Trustees should also carefully consider the guidance available on Methodist Church website regarding the re-opening of church buildings and the risk assessments that will need to be undertaken. The Methodist Church website also contains helpful information on the use of face coverings.

Managing Trustees should also contact their insurers to ensure that any measures taken do not affect their liability insurance. Methodist Insurance has useful guidance on its website regarding insurance cover for Managing Trustees during the COVID-19 crisis.

Further, the Government produced advice on how places of worship can assist with the NHS with the test and trace scheme. To assist Managing Trustees TMCP has produced specific guidance that is applicable to the Methodist Church which should be considered as part of your risk assessment and consideration when opening up buildings to visitors, occupiers and employees.

If you have any queries on the potential liability that face Managing Trustees then please do not hesitate to contact TMCP Legal using the contact form on the TMCP website.