This Litigation Flowchart is for use by Managing Trustees and their professional advisers to clarify the steps that need to be taken before issuing Court proceedings, defending a claim or commencing any alternative dispute resolution (ADR) procedures in a matter relating to the Methodist Church.

The Litigation Flowchart outlines:

  • The overriding three stages that a litigation claim goes through from the start of a dispute to its ultimate resolution.
  • The eight steps for Managing Trustees to take where litigation is involved (see blue arrows and central column of the Litigation Flowchart). For more detailed guidance on the steps to be taken please refer to the Litigation page.
  • The requirement to obtain Connexional Team consent before a claim is issued, defence filed or Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) commenced and the two key requirements to be fulfilled before requesting this consent (see Step 4).
  • The involvement of and actions taken by TMCP (see purple arrows on left hand side of the Litigation Flowchart).
  • The involvement of your insurer and legal advisers (see yellow arrows on right hand side of the Litigation Flowchart).
  • The template documents prepared by TMCP to assist you (see purple asterisks).

Please use the link below to download the Litigation Flowchart as a PDF file.

Please contact TMCP Legal if you have any queries in relation to use of this Litigation Flowchart or would like guidance on any matters relating to litigation.