The Standard Licence and Template Booking Form have been updated to include a new data protection clause alerting licensees and hirers to the privacy information in the Managing Trustees’ Privacy Notice.

Download the current versions in Word and pdf format from the Licences and Letting Property and Third Party Use pages on TMCP’s website. Click on the links below:

The Standard Pre-School Licence has also been updated and is available from TMCP on request. Due to the difficulties Managing Trustees experience with pre-schools TMCP provides guidance upfront before providing a copy of the Pre-School Licence. Managing Trustees considering entering into a new licence with an existing pre-school or a new arrangement should contact TMCP Legal first.

What does this mean for current licences and bookings?

The new standard forms do not impact on current licences and bookings but Managing Trustees need to ensure that the up-to-date Standard Licence is used when they next enter into a new licence (for regular but part-time non-exclusive use). It is only the current version of the Standard Licence that has the deemed approval of the Connexional Team under Standing Order 931(3). Although they do not attract the same need for approval, it is also strongly recommended that the updated Template Booking Form is used next time Managing Trustees have a request for a one-off/occasional hire.

What amendments have been made to the Standard Licence and the Template Booking Form?
  • The main amendment to both documents is the new data protection clause. This is clause 9 in the Standard Licence and new clause 14 in the Template Booking Form. Managing Trustees have asked us to include a provision within the documents to help them to comply with the requirements under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to inform individuals about how their information will be used by the Church. Like the Template Fair Processing Statement, the clause informs the licensee/hirer where to access the privacy information that must be provided under GDPR; it is found in the Managing Trustees’ Privacy Notice.

In addition to the new data protection clause, the following minor amendment has been made to the Standard Licence:

  • Deletion of the option to include/ exclude certain bank holidays due to problems with uncertainty where both options are kept in. The default Permitted Hours definition now excludes “bank holidays and public holidays including Christmas Day, Good Friday and Easter Day…” from the hours the licensee can use the premises.
Further guidance

For detailed guidance on third party use including whether a licence is suitable, how to use the Standard Licence and Template Booking Form and when approval is required, please refer to the guidance notes, Licence FAQs and Licence Flow Chart available from the Licences page on TMCP's website. For key tips, read the paragraph; “What are the main points to remember about the standard licence documents?” in the Article; Updated Standard Document – Standard Licence.


If you have any queries in relation to the guidance in this document please contact TMCP Legal for further assistance.