This template Burial Ground Guidance Note has been developed for use by Managing Trustees who are taking steps to close the whole or part of their burial ground.

Please refer to Section C of the Burial Ground Guidance Note for details of the procedure to be followed on closing a burial ground and for general guidance on Methodist burial grounds.

Please select whether you wish to download the template Burial Ground Closure Notice as a Word or pdf file. If you download in Word you will be able to type in the information required to complete the notice ready for use.

Once downloaded, complete the information in the square brackets to produce a Burial Ground Closure Notice with the information that you are required to give on the closure of a private burial ground. TMCP does not need to see a copy of the completed notice but please keep a copy of the dated notice in your records as this will be required if you decide to sell the burial ground in the future.

Please contact TMCP Legal if you have any queries in relation to use of this template or would like guidance on the property or legal aspects of burial grounds and their disposal. Please contact the Conference Office for queries relating to the governance, policy and best practice of burial grounds (