Trust Investments

This screen summarises the balances of investments held within the selected trust, showing the number of units held, the latest price received and the value of each investment. The date column indicates when the investments were last valued. The links on the right hand side will take you to the transactional history for each investment and the balance history by month of each investment.

NB: Where there is not a unit price listed indicates that the investment is a cash deposit – typically this will be the Trustees Interest Fund but may also include deposits held with Methodist Chapel Aid or National Savings etc, whichever the managing trustees have decided to invest the funds of the trust. There may sometimes be an account called 30500 Trust Income (earning interest) or 30505 Trust Income (BACS), these refer to income that has been earned by the trust on its investments but have not yet been paid out to the local managing trustees.

Any balance over £10 in ‘Trust Income (BACS)’s paid out each month to a nominated local bank or CFB account or is cleared out completely every quarter following receipt of CFB dividends on the 20th day in October, January, April and July. Where the managing trustees have elected not to receive automatic income distributions but to request payment at infrequent intervals the income is held in ‘Trust Income (earning interest)’, as the name suggests, interest is added to this balance each month until it is cleared out so the managing trustees do not lose out by not opting for regular distributions. The managing trustees also have the option to have any interest added directly to the ‘Trustees Interest Fund’.

Click on the ‘Download’ button if you wish to download this information in .csv format (for Excel or similar programs) or the ‘print’ button if you wish to print it out.