6th Jun 2017 | News and Events

A message from TMCP's Chief Executive, Anne Goodman, welcoming readers to the News Hub section and to the first notification email sent to subscibers on 6th June 2017: "I am very excited to announce the inaugural pages of our News Hub. As...

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The Standard Licence and Template Booking Form are now available to download in Word and pdf format from TMCP’s website. The “Standard documents and forms” resource type is now live. Go to the “Licences” or “Lettin...

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Legislation Page - new content

6th Jun 2017 | Property Updates

Visit the Legislation Page for information on statutes, case law and other key pieces of legislation that impact on Managing Trustees' management of Methodist Property. What are the general legal duties placed on Managing Trustees as charity t...

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In March 2017 the Charity Commission published a report on its findings following an inquiry into a charity that had disposed of leasehold property to a company for £6,000,000. The company immediately resold the property for £21,000,000 b...

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Church Property subject to Restrictive Covenants

20th Jan 2017 | Property Updates

There are a number of Methodist Church properties which are subject to restrictive covenants.  These covenants can cause difficulties for Managing Trustees when planning for the management of property. A restrictive covenant is a negative obl...

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Property Redevelopment

19th Jan 2017 | Property Updates

TMCP are often contacted by Managing Trustees across the Connexion contemplating redevelopment of existing buildings to create facilities which are more suitable for modern day mission objectives. When TMCP is contacted we are able to provide guid...

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Right to Rent

19th Jun 2016 | Property Updates

Legislation update! – Right to Rent Since1 February 2016 (and 1 December 2014 in the pilot areas; Birmingham, Walsall, Sandwell, Dudley and Wolverhampton) private residential landlords have been prohibited from allowing an adult to occupy pr...

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